BCBR Day 3 – Earls Cove to Sechelt

This day did not start off well. When I got up my legs didn’t feel that good. Then as I was getting breakfast into me, I suddenly didn’t feel too hot. I felt like breakfast was a ball of goo in my stomach and that I might puke at any moment. I sat back and started to worry about the day, fully concerned I was not getting enough calories into me, or that I might be ill on the trail. Carefully I managed to get most of a plate into me then decided to call it quits before I did puke. 


I then jumped on a bus and headed for the ferry. The ferry crossing was fine and all too soon we were docking and getting ready to race. 


This was billed as a long tough day and it certainly lived up to it. Lots of logging roads, lots of climbing, and lots of suffering. As we got going my legs started to come around. The tiredness went away, the power was still there, my mind felt at ease, and I quickly forgot about breakfast.


Once again I bypassed the first aid station. And a few kilometres after I kind of regretted it. I was concerned I was drinking too much water and my electrolytes. I tri d ca meet victoria my the electrolytes after calculating that I would have enough water to last me to air station. 

Did I mention the climbs? Make sure you zoom in on the below picture.


The nice thing about climbs is that you can be rewarded with some stunning views.



Then we hit the unofficial aid station. What a treat. Lots of fresh fruit and ice water which was by far my favorite thing. The real aid station was 4 km away and all up hill. After some snacks I set off and soon found, Sue cheering in the trees. That was a real boost. 

Hitting the seconf aid station I took on some more fresh fruit, topped up with some water in my Camelbak, grabbed a couple gels, took a picture with Tippie, then got going again. 


The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. More climbing, heat, suffering, walking, riding. Finally we started the descent and headed to the park.


Then I came across Sue again cheering alongside her brother. Another boost for the final few kms of road. Crossing the line felt amazing. Finishing a long day that was billed as the toughest of the week, and I feel the least enjoyable.
After a quick break I got onto the task of my bike, getting a tent, getting some food, and getting myself clean. Sue’s brother lives a short drive away from where we were camped so I was able to go to his place for a lovely shower, and a vist over beer and chips. Great cap to the day.