I signed up for the meal plan, which seemed expensive at the time, but in retrospect was an amazingly good value. I also chose seating plan B, which was absolute gold in my mind. The A plan ate first which meant right after they got out of bed, and C plan at last meaning right before riding for the day. With the B seating, it meant I got to wake up, start getting ready for the day, eat breakfast, then finish getting ready. At the end of the day, it did mean I had to wait a bit for dinner, but I was always able to fill my time.

The food of the BCBR was pretty darn good. I don’t Instagram my food very often, but I did take a few pics of the food I ate during the race. I did find the drink options lacking. There was nothing to drink with breakfast nor dinner other than water, coffee, or tea. Some places we could puchase beer, but that wasn’t always available. I ended up getting Sue to buy me some drink boxes so I could get some apple juice with breakfast.

There were also a couple mornings where there was no meat protein. Minor quibble given there was other options for protein, but it still would have been nice. I will also bring my own cutlery next time since there were quite a few days where we used plastic cutlery.

Most meals I would take a big plate, then go back for seconds. Dinner I always grabbed dessert, though sometimes I had to get it to go and eat it back in the tent after things had settled a bit. 🙂 Knowing the days rides, eating as many calories as possible was the name of the game. My goal was to replenish the loss at the end of the day, and stock up at the beginning of the day.

On course the aid stations were packed with all sorts of amazing things to eat. Fresh fruit (including the best watermelon I have ever had), pretzels, chips, M&Ms, Clif Bars, Clif Shots, energy drink, water, sandwiches, Red Bull, and more. The finish line food was very similarly stocked, but there were more sweets like gummy bears, baked goods,


Cumberland Day 0 Dinner – Ham, salads, cauliflower mac n cheese
Cumberland Day 1 breakfast
Day 1 dinner – Chicken, rice, roasted veggies, and samosa pie
Day 1 – post dinner (and post dessert) snack
Day 2 breakfast – fresh fruit, eggs with cheese, spinach and potatoe, porridge, and granola with yoghurt
Day 2 dinner – roast pork with apple sauce, pasta, fresh salads
Day 3 breakfast – same eggs, porridge, and granola, but with a side of sausage
Day 4 snack on the ferry – bacon cheeseburger and ice cream
Day 4 dinner – pulled pork, beef brisket, coleslaw, baked potato, and some salads
Day 5 breakfast – french toast, eggs, granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit
Day 5 post ride snack – big messy tasty burger (and a slurpee not pictured)
Day 5 dinner – lasagna, potato salad, garlic bread, quinoa salad, and a casear salad


FullSizeRender 3
Day 6 post ride snack – red onion, pancetta, peporoni, topped with balsamic reduction

Day 6 dinner – pork roast, poached salmon, rice, salads, corn on the cobb.