Changes Broke

I’ve had this stupid cough for a while now. I feel fine, but whenever I an vertical I go through some coughing fits every now and then. Annoying to say the least.

Still I’ve been active. I played ultimate last week and this week, as well as riding on the weekend. 

Today’s game was a good one. Hard fought, lead changes, big huckster, zones, hard D, non stop action. 

I played hard tonight and was happy with how I played (for the most part). The only times I wasn’t were the times when I gave up too early. On one point I thought that a long huck had been caught in the end zone, so I backed off my check. Sure enough the catcher wasn’t in the end zone, and my check broke away to catch the point. 

Thankfully I played well the rest of the game. I was handling quite a bit and my catches were strong. I even made a great interception that later resulted in a point. One point when I wasn’t a handler, I even managed to catch for a point.

Nearing the end of the game we were down a few points. We tried to mount a comeback, but we couldn’t get it done. We lost the game.

Next week we have a double header as part of a mini playoff.