Triathlon Coffee

KaptainK mounting her trusty steed

Thanks Todd for reminding me to put up my pictures from the Cowichan Challenge last weekend. Sox has done this race a few times before, but KaptainK was doing it for the first time. Actually, this was KaptainK’s first triathlon ever! Way to go K.

I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to be like for the race so I dressed conservatively. Turned out I was way overdressed. Before the race JJ and I stopped in Chemainus for some coffee and yummy breakfast burritos. Now that is the way to watch a triathlon. Good coffee, good breakfast, sun shining, dogs panting. It was fun.

There were actually quite a few people that I knew doing the race, so I was able to cheer lots.

I am just rambling now, and I guess that is about it. Results from the race are here. My pics are here.