Anniversary Plans

2 days ago was our anniversary. We realized earlier in the year that it was our 15th and we decided at the time to do something interesting since we normally don’t do too much to celebrate. It turned out there was a concert in town by our favourite artist, so it was settled. Dinner, concert, and a hotel for the night.

Then COVID changed our plans. As the day approached, we didn’t really make new plans and sort of decided to not really do much other than make a nice  dinner.

Then the kids latched on to an idea. Amy lead the charge, and designed a menu for the day and declared that her and Elliot would make all of our meals for the day. What sweet kids. Breakfast was yummy, lunch was really good, but dinner was tops. They setup a table for two, created a menu complete with three courses, lit candles, served us, and cleared after us. The kids ate in the kitchen while Sue and I ate in the dining room. We even got dressed up for the occasion.

My heart was bursting with love from these two. They certainly didn’t have to do any of this, but the fact that they wanted to do something for our anniversary was very special. In fact, this was one of the best anniversaries that I can remember.

Coffee Neglected

Recently I began to really examine my coffee cup use. Something I’ve struggled with is a reusable cup that still allows the coffee to taste good. I managed to find one that I love, and in 2020 I’ve been using it pretty regularly (I don’t think I’ve used a disposable cup in a couple months).

Yesterday I walked into a Starbucks (it was a last resort), and ordered my Americano and plunked down my cup. I ordered Sue’s drink and while I was doing this, the barista came over to see the order and got started. She neglected to take my cup, but the till clerk handed it over. I then watched as the barista had pulled the shots into a disposable cup, then proceeded to dump that into my cup. Then crush the now used cup.

sigh I tried.

Happy Upsetting

2018 was a quite a year, and I am somewhat happy that it is over. I left my job at the end of January, but located another fairly quickly. It was good, but there were a few indicators that it was unstable. Sure enough, in August, the company went under, and I was again on the hunt for work. Unfortunately, the company was behind on paying us, so cash was a bit of an issue. This eventually resolved itself though.

Other things of note that happened, were several large vehicle repair bills (the car was regular maintenance, but the truck ended up in the shop on a tow truck as well as some other fixes that were sudden), a great RV trip, and the passing of our cat Aphro. Losing Aphro was really a low point for the whole family and very upsetting (I still miss her). Sue and I did the Chafe 150 (80 mile length) in Sand Point Idaho, and I raced several of the Island Cup Enduro races.

Things turned around near the end of the year though. I got a new contract to fill my time, the family is happy and healthy, and we are looking forward to 2019. I’m looking forward to more riding and racing, and getting some more runs into my legs (without hurting my knees).


Today marks the start of BCBR 2018. In a few minutes I’m going to head up to Duncan to watch the first stage, and I am full of nervous excitement and anticipation. It’s been building all week.

This has had me reflecting on last years race quite a bit. Tackling that long held dream and excelling at it, exceeding my expectations, was a truly amazing event. I learned that I am capable of more than I give myself credit. To have my family share in that really added to how special that race was.

I think about the race often. I think back to the stages, the transportation, the awe that I was actually there, the camping life, the amazing and plentiful food, the trails, and the people. I have reminders of the race in my office and I see them every day. I have a BCBR sticker on my bike that I see every time I’m on my MTB. BCBR alumni instantly have a connection and something to talk about. Before I had done the race I had read that it was a life changing event and that regular riding isn’t the same after the race. I agree with this 100%. Riding was ‘different’ afterward, but I can’t really put a finger on what.

And now it starts again. I’m looking forward to seeing the start of the race from the spectator perspective. I plan to cheer racers on at the start, then grab my bike and find a spot on the trail to watch and cheer some more. I wish them all the best of luck, and a safe journey.

Inside I’m wishing I was on the start line with them. Some day I’ll race it again.

Capable Experience

Today is a big day for E, and for us (his parents). I got up extra early and dropped him off at the school before 5am for his first school ski trip. We sent him with lunch money for the cafeteria, a couple snacks, and his snow gear. We won’t see him again until approx 7:30.

Over the past couple days I’ve realized we don’t give him enough credit for how capable he is. And still I wanted to point out where each and every thing we sent with him was.

After I dropped him off I realized I hadn’t reminded him he had Kleenex (he has a cold). I reminded myself that he will figure it out. Once home, I climbed back into bed and was startled when I realized that I didn’t double check his money was in his pocket. He’s 12, surrounded by friends and chaperones. He won’t starve. He can figure this stuff out, and if he doesn’t, he will still survive.

Kids growing up and branching out is incredible to watch, but also hard to experience. I remember the days they were born, lots of milestones, and good times. I know he will come back with incredible stories of the day, and will have a renewed sense of independance from this ski trip.

2017 Shape


2017 is done and it was quite a year. Some big events for me and my family.

The first big one to happen was getting my first tattoo. I’d been wanting a tattoo for a very long time, and it was a good friend of mine that started a conversation about tattoos that lead me down the path of finally getting it done. We researched shops together, did the consult together, and when the big day came, she sat in on part of the process. I love this change to my body as it represents a big part of who I am. Mountain biking, and cycling in general, is a core part of me and has truly changed my life. Signifying this on my body is a constant reminder of this.

Another big event was the BC Bike Race. I still think about the race regularly. The first half of the year involved a lot of training. I’d like to say I enjoyed it all, but there were a lot of wet miserable rides that really weren’t a lot of fun. I did enjoy the changes to my riding, and to how strong I felt though. I was in the best shape of my life and felt great. I’d like to hold onto some of that fitness through 2018 and beyond.

After the race was done I shifted gears quite a bit. Life slowed down, and I was able to spend more time with family and friends. Camping trips, supper clubs, whisky tastings, some riding, and more. Life feels full with all of this.

The Instagram pics from above:

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Tattoo Cassette

This year is going to be a big year for me. The BC Bike Race is the biggest check mark on the bucket list, but a close second is getting a tattoo. Since my early 20s I’ve been thinking about getting something, but what to get changed considerably. In February a friend and I actually went into a shop, talked to an artist and booked an appointment.

During the consult I had an idea of what I wanted, and the artist liked the idea. When I arrived for the appointment, he presented a different take on what I had suggested, and I instantly loved it. Above is the end result and I couldn’t be more happy with it.

Why the bike cassette? Cycling, specifically mountain biking, has changed my life. In high school I was not interested in sports and was over weight. In university I got into mountain biking and over the years started to get pretty good at it. It was the first sport I was involved in where I was pretty good. Soon mountain biking became part of my identity. I identified as a mountain biker, many of my friends were mountain bikers, and the rest of my friends and co-workers knew me as a mountain biker.

In recent years I’ve started doing more road biking, and have enjoyed that immensely as well.

This tattoo represents the sport that I love, the sport that has changed my life, and the sport that I hope to continue for a many more years.

Great Lists

This past weekend was pretty darn amazing. I’m not sure what triggered it, or caused it, but Sunday night laying in bed I couldn’t help but be amazed.

Friday night I went out to Moon Under Water for a birthday celebreation.

Saturday was a long ride at the dump and I felt great!


Saturday afternoon did some chores around the house in the afternoon, then we went downtown and watched the IEOA Lighted Truck Parade.




Sunday I knocked off a few chores around the house, including putting up all the Christmas lights up outside and decorating the front tree. Then Sunday night we walked down and saw the Esquimalt light up parade.

Weekends shouldn’t  be about making lists and getting things done, but it did feel good to get it all done. And I still managed to have some fun in there too!