2017 Shape


2017 is done and it was quite a year. Some big events for me and my family.

The first big one to happen was getting my first tattoo. I’d been wanting a tattoo for a very long time, and it was a good friend of mine that started a conversation about tattoos that lead me down the path of finally getting it done. We researched shops together, did the consult together, and when the big day came, she sat in on part of the process. I love this change to my body as it represents a big part of who I am. Mountain biking, and cycling in general, is a core part of me and has truly changed my life. Signifying this on my body is a constant reminder of this.

Another big event was the BC Bike Race. I still think about the race regularly. The first half of the year involved a lot of training. I’d like to say I enjoyed it all, but there were a lot of wet miserable rides that really weren’t a lot of fun. I did enjoy the changes to my riding, and to how strong I felt though. I was in the best shape of my life and felt great. I’d like to hold onto some of that fitness through 2018 and beyond.

After the race was done I shifted gears quite a bit. Life slowed down, and I was able to spend more time with family and friends. Camping trips, supper clubs, whisky tastings, some riding, and more. Life feels full with all of this.

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Staggering Progress

Once again November saw me shave completely and grown a Mo for Movember. Over the course of Movember I raised $480 for team Muddylaces. My goal was $500 so I am pretty happy that I got as close as I did.

This year’s results are staggering. Canda and Australia each gathered over $21 million dollars, with the total being well over $60 million. Amazing.

Even more amazing is the recognition and involvement of the event. Throughout Movember I saw men everywhere sporting the Mo. Well done guys! And thanks to all the ladies and women who put up with their funny looking guys for one month.

Here are my pics this year of my progress.