Strong Hucker

Ulti tonight was a blast. I had such a great time, and played really well. I had some wheels tonight, and felt strong the entire game. It was a close one too.

It was slightly windy which meant a lot of zone coverage. The team is doing very good with the zone and that makes playing so much more enjoyable. I played all over the field on defence too. I was in the cup for a while, I was mid mid, and I was even deep quite a bit. There was one player on the other team who was really good. For many points we simply had one person follow him around trying to shut him down a little. I was that rabbit for a couple points and that was rather tiring.

Also on defence I made some excellent reads on the disc. Since it was windy, sometimes it would float way up there, and sometimes it would dive for the ground. The other team liked to huck and zone, and I made quite a few d-blocks that stopped points. The only thing that wasn’t so nice was that a couple of them were on women, but it was to prevent a point so I don’t feel that bad. I even made a diving block that almost worked. I got a couple fingers on the disc, but wasn’t able to catch it, and the receiver still got the disc.

On offence I was throwing well which was great since I was handling a fair amount. I was very pleased with my throwing, and managed not to throw it away.

One point that still brings a smile to my face was a set play. It was a downhill point, and we called a huck and zone. I let the hucker know where to throw it and he agreed he could get it there. At the pull I ran downfield fairly fast and watched the handler set up for our play. I cut left, got behind my check, then cut hard right for the sideline as the handler hucked. It was a little far away from me though so I had to push it pretty hard. I saw a teammate attempting to catch the disc, but it was over her head. I was getting close to the sideline in a full sprint, and the disc was starting to dive for the ground. My only option was to dive. This resulted in a spectacular one handed grab, just inside the sideline, and a full body slide. That put a smile on my face for quite a while.

Nearing 8:15 the score was 10-9 for the other team, we stepped up and scored the points needed to win the game 13-11. That was one of the most fun games I have played in a long time. Strong opponents, my team played well, the weather was a little unpredictable, and it wasn’t a blowout.