Recommended Clean

Friday Sox got the call from PreTech Collision that our car was ready. PreTech came recommended from the Honda dealership, so we took our car there to get the body work done.

I realized after the fact that I never took any pictures of the damage done to our car, but the fixed up car is looking good. It seems to be in better shape than when we got the car, which is just fine in my book.

The best part? They completely cleaned the interior which included a carpet shampoo. Sure the car stinks of cleaner, but at least we know it is clean.

I met Sox down there after riding in from Oak Bay on my bike. The Enterprise car rental people drove Sox, Sprout, and Beet down there and I was there to help do the transfer of car seats to our car. One funny thing was that Sprout didn’t want to get out of his seat. He wanted to just sit there eating his crackers. After giving him ample warning that his seat was coming out, I did it. But I left him strapped in it as I removed it from the rental. He thought that was funny, and I thought it was a fair compromise.