Visiting Tired

We are just winding down an incredible weekend. Tiring, lots of visiting, lots of food, and lots of fun. Friday night we didn’t really do too much, but Saturday we watched the Oak Bay Tea Party Parade with some friends. We then stopped at the office to check on a couple work things while Sox did some shopping at Nicholas Randal. Then it was home for nap time.

Saturday evening we went to one of Sox’s co-workers houses for a pasta feast. Lots of adults, and lots of kids at a lot of home made pasta. Very, very yummy.

Today we went to another of Sox’s co-workers for a visit, some playtime, and some lunch. Home again it was nap time for everyone except me. Don’t feel too sad for me though since I got to finish my novel.

This evening we had some friends and their three kids over for a big home made pizza feast that also celebrated a couple birthdays. After a quick bath we managed to get the kids in bed and asleep.

Just thinking about doing all this makes me tired!