Surgery Recommended

Yoshi was in at the vet today for some surgery. He has had a couple lumps growing on his chest for a while but recently they started looking really gross. Our vet was more comfortable removing them than leaving them on so we went for it.

While he was under Yoshi also had his teeth cleaned, and a small part of his gum removed (it was growing down over his tooth). Of course with pets anesthesia is a bit tricky and can be dangerous so it is not an easy decision. He was under once before with no side effects so that helped us a little.

His appetite upon arriving home was normal, and he was quite happy to eat. Less happy to take his antibiotics though. This resulted in him spitting one out a couple times reducing it to a paste which coated my fingers. Yeuck.

One of the after care things we need to do is provide him a soft cushy bed. We also have to prevent him from licking and scratching his incision. The solution recommended was an old t-shirt. Looking good Yoshi!