Jerseys Check

A great night for Ulti tonight. Very little wind, and you could almost call it warm. Bonus points for the team jerseys arriving tonight too.

The game itself was pretty good. The team played pretty good, but we still need to work on the basics like stacking, cutting, clearing, and holding the force. It is still a lot of fun though. I was handling quite a bit tonight but my throws weren’t as accurate as I would have liked them.

There was one controversy too. As my check caught the disk close to the sideline, I could see one end zone and I thought he looked out. I asked him to check his feet, and as I looked to the other end zone, he passed the disk on to one of his teammates. Turned out he was in, but this caused a bit of a debate on the rules. I agreed he was in, but I asked him to check his feet and there was no time in which he did that. Not only that, but after catching it he stepped out of bounds, and threw it from there. In the end he got the disk back and we played on with their team in possession still. The ended up scoring anyway, it was just a little weird, and tense for a bit.

Back to the jerseys. We were told our color was salmon. I ask you, is this jersey salmon colored?