Bailed Watching

It started last night. I got into a weird funk and was not myself. My plan was to go out to the midway and take some night time pictures. I bailed on that and sulked at home while staying up late watching a movie.

This morning I was still in the funk and I don’t imagine I was very enjoyable to be around. Not a good thing for Fathers day.

Of course the coffee I made this morning was pretty gross, so while we were out we stopped at Serious Coffee so I could get something enjoyable. Well, that one turned out to be pretty gross too. We got to a park so Sprout could play, and I couldn’t even enjoy watching him.

Finally after Sprout and Beet were down for their naps I started to perk up. Now I am feeling better but over half of the day is gone. Meh. Down with bad moods I say! Especially on Fathers day.