Romp Silent

Another walk for Yoshi today. He is one lucky dog.

Sox and I cleaned up the basement this morning then it was all attention on Yoshi. We took him to Elk Lake today for a field walk. He always loves a good romp in the tall grass.

Today was no exception, and he returned to us soaking wet. Of course we had forgotten to take a towel so that meant he had to shiver himself warm. Sorry Yoshi.

At the halfway point we stopped for a break and were talking when I spotted a magnificent hawk perched at the very top of the tree next to us. It was huge. We tried to get a little closer to take a better look, but of course Yoshi scared it and the hawk flew to another tree. It was still close to us, and it eventually decided that the dog roaming on the ground 40 feet below was too much and flew off for good. It was completely silent. Very cool.

Sox also spotted this beetle in the grass. They can move very quickly!