Honest Reduction

Something I learned today. If you seem genuine, honest, and realistic, you might be able to set your own price at Zellers.

I was looking at some toys for Sprout today, and they had a $40 toy that had a sign under it saying it was marked down to $30. Great.

At the till I asked the lady to scan and see what the price was, and sure enough it scanned at $40. I mentioned I thought it was $30 because of the sign under it. She looked in the flyer to see if it was on sale, and it wasn’t. The sign did say it was a price reduction not a sale.

She rang it through at $30 without me asking, or without a double check on the price.

I am honest though, and I am pretty sure the sign was correct for this toy, but I could have been wrong. 25% off is pretty nice, and the whole reason I grabbed it.