Point Needed

Back on May 1, Sue and I rode in the MEC 100KM ride.

It was a gorgeous day, and the ride itself went smooth. We started a Sea Cider, went North through Sidney, around the peninsula all the way to downtown, along the water, then back out to Sea Cider for some food and cider samples.


The ride itself was just the appetizer on the day. The day before was our anniversary, so I booked us into Point No Point. After getting home, having a shower, loading the car, we headed out on a drive. We managed to get there in time to settle into the room, then head out for dinner.

The view from our deck
The view from our deck

After dinner a nice soak in the hot tub, and a relaxing nights sleep listening to the waves from the ocean.


The next day we took a stroll on the trails after having some breakfast, and took time to recreate a photo we took over ten years previous.






The getaway was very relaxing and just what I needed.

Sleep Instead

For a long time now I’ve had issues with sleep. Some nights it takes me a long time to get to sleep, other nights I will wake up super early and cannot get back to sleep, and yet other nights I will wake up throughout the night.

This past Thursday was the worst though. I climbed into bed around 11, but never fell asleep. Sue came home around midnight, climbed into bed, and fell asleep while I tossed and turned. Around 1:30 I was so frustrated that I got up.

I didn’t know what else to do, so I sat on the couch and watched a movie. Around 3:30, when the movie finished, I climbed back into bed hoping that I would fall asleep. Thankfully I did, but but I ended up waking at 7:15. For the whole morning I felt awful from the lack of sleep. I physically felt sick, had a large headache, and couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Mid day I drove Sue and the kids to the airport. I contemplated ending my work day early, but I didn’t know what else to do. Instead I worked on some easy tasks. That night I stayed up as late as I could before going to bed, and wonderfully I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly until the morning.

That was my first real bout of what I think was insomnia. I am not looking forward to the next one.

Renovations Recipe

I’ve been interested in doing some small home renovations. Lack of knowledge, tools, and desire to use all my weekends all the time stop me from doing anything larger than a small project.

The downstairs was renovated recently, and the downstairs bathroom painted. Sue and I decided after the fact to replace the tap on the sink to something newer. The old one didn’t work all that well, leaked, and was going to get expensive when buying replacement parts.

We bought a new faucet at Home Depot and I set about replacing the old one. Here is what we started with.

IMG_5723 2.JPG

The first step is to take the old faucet off. Sure, no problem right?IMG_5724.JPG


One question, how do I fit a wranch in there? Easy answer is you don’t. Instead you take the sink off the wall (this sink is wall attached). Hitch number one can be seen above in the first picture. See all those little tiles that go right down to the edge of the sink? Well, they have to come off.



One row off and the sink came off the wall easily.



Of course, when puting the final assembly back together, I really didn’t want to glue those tiles back on, so instead I took all the tiles off. The glue used made a mess of the wall, so out I went to buy some spackle, and some other tools. I also bought some new hardware for the sink’s p-trap and water lines.

Turns out the water lines I bought were way too long. Returned those, got the proper ones, patched up the wall. Since we just had the bathroom and basement painted I went to grab the leftover paint to match up this area, but wouldn’t you know it, I couldn’t find the can. I guess the painter didn’t have any leftover.

Out to the hardware store where I bought the paint. They had to hand tint my 1 quart can since the color recipe was only for gallon cans. After a few issues with the p-trap, I got the whole thing assembled, cut to sit, resituated and voilá a new faucet.



Only took 5 trips to the hardware store, and about 10 days/evenings of time. This is why I don’t tackle larger projects. 🙂

Worlds Recording

Last weekend we did a whirlwind trip to Vancouver to take the kids to Science World to see the Body Worlds exhibit. To do the trip on the cheap we took transit while there. Overall it’s cheaper and convenient, but still cost quite a bit. $50 each way for the ferry, parking costs for Victoria, then $27 for transit.

Science world was a blast and we had a pretty good time poking around, playing with things, and learning. The Body Worlds was fascinating, but Amy had a hard time with it and felt a bit queasy at times.


We caught a show outside titled Reduce, Reuse, Rescience. It was mainly showing new and interesting ways to reuse 2 litre pop bottles. There were rockets, mentos in Diet Coke, a cloud in a bottle, then the dry ice bomb. Funny thing was the dry ice bomb was taking forever to go off. The person running the show eventually decided it was a dud and as everyone was standing up to leave, it went BOOM! Pretty spectacular, but sadly I had stopped recording the movie I was working on.

Sunday we took the sky train to meet some friends for brunch. It was great to catch up with them while we were there. Thankfully they drove us to the ferry, which saved a bit of time.

Less than 30 hours on the mainland, but lots of fun.

Project Shelf

One of my weekend projects that has been in my list for a while is to do something to clean up my desk surface. The monitor rider got it to the right height, but takes up a lot of surface area. 

My plan was to make a corner shelf for the monitor. I’ve done a few household woodwork projects and although they are fun, I need more experience, and maybe some different tools, to have the turn perfect like I envision them. 

This shelf though came together pretty well. It only took me a couple hours to mock up the size with cardboard, cut the wood, assemble it, and move everything over to it. Not bad really. 

Here is my desk before:


And here is the after picture.

That gives me a lot more room, and allows me to organize a lot better. Nice!


Movie Questions

Last night I surprised the kids with a movie night. Not just a movie night, but a trip to the theatre, and they had no idea it was happening until we got there.

At dinner I asked them to hurry a bit because we had an errand to run after dinner. They were fine with that and right after dinner we piled into the truck and headed out. Amy wasn’t entirely thrilled about having to go out, and started asking questions about why we had to go that night, and what the errand was.

I managed to answer her questions without giving away the end goal. Both of them started reading at some point and when I pulled into the parking lot they didn’t see where I parked. As we walked across the lot Amy said to me “That looks like Silver City”

Me: It is

A: Why are we here?

Me: I have to buy some tickets.

A: For a movie?

Me: Yep

A: I want to go to a movie.

Me: We are.

At this point they both perked up and said “We are?” Yep. There was much rejoicing, especially when they learned it was Kung Fu Panda 3. We got our tickets, some popcorn, and settled into our seats for an enjoyable evening. 

The surprise worked out perfectly.

Donation Uncoordinated

Since I am doing spin class on Thursdays, I thought it would be a good idea to move my blood donation to a Friday so that I could still do both. My first test of this happened this past Friday. I donated for the 77th time, and other than it taking a while to get through the process, the whole thing was pretty easy. 
Sunday however was a different story. Originally I had planned to ride to the dump, do a tour, then ride home. I evicted against that for some reason, and in retrospect I am very glad. On the trails I felt pretty bad. My heart rate would shoot up and I would easily get out of breath. It reminded me a lot of riding at altitude in Rossland actually. I felt slow and sluggish and uncoordinated. The ride was also very, very wet.

Still, I was glad to have gotten out for a ride and to get some fresh air and exercise.

Jedi Awake

If there is one thing I would change about myself, it is my sleeping habits/patterns. Case in point, last night Sue and I stayed up to watch Return of the Jedi in prep for seeing The Force Awakens in a couple days. After crawling into bed just before 12, I woke up at 4:15 needing to go to the bathroom. I crawled back into bed, then lay awake for over an hour before finally getting up for the day.

Considering it is New Years Eve, and we are going out to a friends house, perhaps a nap is in order this afternoon. 

Smash Squishy

This weekend we did our annual pumpkin smash. For a few years in a row we take the pumpkins upstairs and toss them out the window. This year we ended up waiting extra long and the pumpkins were extra squishy (except for the indestructible one). The slo-mo on the iPhone is a lot of fun.