Photography Posting

Recently I was challenged on Instagram to do the Black and White photography challenge. The rules were simple

Seven days.

Seven black and white photos.

No people.

No pets.

No explanations.

Invite someone new each day.


I didn’t end up inviting anyone, but I was inspired to take pictures again. Years ago (wow, just looked it up and it was 10 years ago) I did a 365 project where I took a picture every day. It was a lot of work, and I got burned out pretty quick. Part of the problem was that cell phones weren’t in common use, so I had to take the picture, offload it from my camera to my computer, do any editing, then upload to my site.

This challenge was a little different. I was able to do all the editing in phone, and posting was super simple. In fact, I think I could even automate the posting a little more to make that step even easier.

This has got me considering doing another 365 Project, but keeping it super simple, and not getting down on myself if I miss a day here or there. Something to consider for the new year.

Weekend Flower

We had a great trip to Powell River last weekend to visit Sox’s dad. I got in a mountain biking trip, we did a hike, we cooked hot dogs over a campfire, and we played out the dogs. Oh, and I had to work too, which was the bummer part of the trip.

Still, it was a relaxing time.

The first few pictures are from my mom’s plants.

This Hibiscus had such a beautiful flower.

Elliot loves playing fetch with Heart, and she does such a good job being patient and waiting for the throw.

On the Willingdon Beach trail there are a lot of logging relics that the kids played on. I got to take lots of pictures of them.

Chutney found a nice mud pit. It looks like she is wearing boots.

We popped onto the beach to eat a snack, and to watch logging trucks dump their loads into the ocean.

Sox’s dad and step mom are avid gardeners. Their flowers, plants, trees, and trails are amazing.

Here Chutney is all tired out. I think this is her favorite sleeping position.

Lucked Lunch

Last weekend Sox’s dad was in town for a visit. We lucked out with some nice weather and took the opportunity to go for a walk on the Lochside Trail. Elliot rode his bike and the rest of ambled along. After the walk we went to Mattick’s Farm for lunch.

I’m still getting used to my new lens. I love the feel of the pictures when I use this lens, but I am still amazed and the shutter speeds needed for close up pictures.

Mailing Macro

Last week I made a new purchase. A mailing list I was one had someone advertising a used macro lens. I’ve wanted one for a while, so I jumped on the chance. Turned out I had emailed with this person before when I was running a photo club.

I’ve had the lens about a week now and so far I like it a lot. I still need to learn more about macro photography, and to really get a feel for the lens. It also needs a good cleaning. There is something on one of the glass pieces that I am not sure if I want to try and get off myself. I may leave that cleaning to a professional.

Here are some of my first shots. I was suitably amazed by the pictures. I was also very surprised at the low shutter speed needed when close up. A tripod would have been a good idea.

Some bread.


The stucco on our house.

The textured walls in our house.

I’d also hear that macro lenses can make good portrait lenses. So far I would agree.