Earlier Flowers

I meant to post these pictures of Hornby much earlier, but I didn’t so here they are now. Where we were staying was a nursery so there was an abundance of beautiful flowers. Pretty ideal for a photographer. I sort of wished I had my tripod with me since I didn’t really do the flowers justice. To see all the pictures click here.  

Weekend Flower

We had a great trip to Powell River last weekend to visit Sox’s dad. I got in a mountain biking trip, we did a hike, we cooked hot dogs over a campfire, and we played out the dogs. Oh, and I had to work too, which was the bummer part of the trip.

Still, it was a relaxing time.

The first few pictures are from my mom’s plants.

This Hibiscus had such a beautiful flower.

Elliot loves playing fetch with Heart, and she does such a good job being patient and waiting for the throw.

On the Willingdon Beach trail there are a lot of logging relics that the kids played on. I got to take lots of pictures of them.

Chutney found a nice mud pit. It looks like she is wearing boots.

We popped onto the beach to eat a snack, and to watch logging trucks dump their loads into the ocean.

Sox’s dad and step mom are avid gardeners. Their flowers, plants, trees, and trails are amazing.

Here Chutney is all tired out. I think this is her favorite sleeping position.