Looking through the emergency kit (you have one right?) I realized it is way more out of date than I thought. The food and water in the bottom right expired in 2015! I fixed the food issue by buying the big tub from @totalprepare that has a shelf life of 25 years. Now to check into what needs to be done for the water filter. #emergencypreparedness #emergencyprep #earthquake #thebigone #yyj #areyouprepared

Our neighbour two doors down has had a hawk nest in their yard for a few years. In the last couple weeks the hawks have been very active with a few wobbly flights and parents actively making a lot of noise. This morning I noticed some movement in the yard and saw these three on the ground. Two were playing a game of chase around the forsythia. Moments later the trio flew away and a larger, presumably parental, hawk flew by and landed in a tree. Very cool to have this in my back yard. #neature #hawks #esquimalt #yyj #backyardshenanigans