Earlier Zone

Ulti is such a fun game. Tonight our timeslot was at 7:30. I think I prefer playing in the earlier slot, but with family, later means I can help around the house more.

The game itself was tough since it was pretty windy. We were zoned many times which is fine if the team can handle it. Our team is pretty green so it is hard to teach them quick enough to keep up. We did ok though and played more than a few points very well which wasn’t reflected in the score ( 13-0 not for us).

I was handling a lot tonight which is great since less running is necessary. On one point when we were applying the zone, I was in the long position directing the mids. Never done that before, so that was pretty cool. This is only the second game though, and I don’t have everyone’s names down yet. Its getting better though.

I think I played pretty good. I was catching very well, my throws were pretty decent with a few bad ones due to the wind, and my defence was alright. Still working on the cardio which will greatly improve my games. It would help if there were less guys on the team and I got more playing time. Can’t have everything though.

I like the team I am playing and already I am looking forward to the next game.