Curtains Break

After getting everyone in the car after the parade and associated mishap we headed home. Sprout was very tired, and Sox and I just wanted to veg a bit.

Pulling into the driveway Yoshi popped his head out from between our bedroom curtains. That stinker was on the bed. Immediately I suspected we forgot to close the gate. Sox then said she remembers closing it.

My next thought was that he jumped it. In all the years we have had him, he has never jumped a gate we put in his way.

Boy, was I wrong.

Instead Yoshi had chewed part of the wooden permanent child gate enough to break one of the slats, then he pushed his way upstairs!

Result: hairy bed and broken gate. Not a good morning. Now the gate has a huge hole that a childs head could get caught in. Luckily we have another one in our sunroom that we can swap in.