Project Shelf

One of my weekend projects that has been in my list for a while is to do something to clean up my desk surface. The monitor rider got it to the right height, but takes up a lot of surface area. 

My plan was to make a corner shelf for the monitor. I’ve done a few household woodwork projects and although they are fun, I need more experience, and maybe some different tools, to have the turn perfect like I envision them. 

This shelf though came together pretty well. It only took me a couple hours to mock up the size with cardboard, cut the wood, assemble it, and move everything over to it. Not bad really. 

Here is my desk before:


And here is the after picture.

That gives me a lot more room, and allows me to organize a lot better. Nice!


Movie Questions

Last night I surprised the kids with a movie night. Not just a movie night, but a trip to the theatre, and they had no idea it was happening until we got there.

At dinner I asked them to hurry a bit because we had an errand to run after dinner. They were fine with that and right after dinner we piled into the truck and headed out. Amy wasn’t entirely thrilled about having to go out, and started asking questions about why we had to go that night, and what the errand was.

I managed to answer her questions without giving away the end goal. Both of them started reading at some point and when I pulled into the parking lot they didn’t see where I parked. As we walked across the lot Amy said to me “That looks like Silver City”

Me: It is

A: Why are we here?

Me: I have to buy some tickets.

A: For a movie?

Me: Yep

A: I want to go to a movie.

Me: We are.

At this point they both perked up and said “We are?” Yep. There was much rejoicing, especially when they learned it was Kung Fu Panda 3. We got our tickets, some popcorn, and settled into our seats for an enjoyable evening. 

The surprise worked out perfectly.

Donation Uncoordinated

Since I am doing spin class on Thursdays, I thought it would be a good idea to move my blood donation to a Friday so that I could still do both. My first test of this happened this past Friday. I donated for the 77th time, and other than it taking a while to get through the process, the whole thing was pretty easy. 
Sunday however was a different story. Originally I had planned to ride to the dump, do a tour, then ride home. I evicted against that for some reason, and in retrospect I am very glad. On the trails I felt pretty bad. My heart rate would shoot up and I would easily get out of breath. It reminded me a lot of riding at altitude in Rossland actually. I felt slow and sluggish and uncoordinated. The ride was also very, very wet.

Still, I was glad to have gotten out for a ride and to get some fresh air and exercise.

Jedi Awake

If there is one thing I would change about myself, it is my sleeping habits/patterns. Case in point, last night Sue and I stayed up to watch Return of the Jedi in prep for seeing The Force Awakens in a couple days. After crawling into bed just before 12, I woke up at 4:15 needing to go to the bathroom. I crawled back into bed, then lay awake for over an hour before finally getting up for the day.

Considering it is New Years Eve, and we are going out to a friends house, perhaps a nap is in order this afternoon. 

Component Eagle

Sue, the kids, and I took a walk on the beach by my Mom’s place yesterday. The waves were starting to pick up and the wind was gusting, but there was no rain. A key component to keeping the kids interested in continuing. Beaches are a great place to explore and we did find a lot of interesting things.

The start of our walk was the announcement from the eagle at the top of a very tall tree. It was one of the few times recently where I wished I had my DSLR instead of my phone, but I was still a very impressive sight.

Apples Weekend

Last year our apple tree produced 12 apples. We were very disappointed. Every other year we had a huge crop and always managed to dehydrate, freeze, turn into apple sauce, eat, and share a lot of apples.  We hoped the tree wasn’t on it’s last legs, but this year it was back to normal!


IMG_3458 IMG_3459

The last few weeks we have been picking a few apples here and there to test their ripeness. One evening the kids and I cored and peeled a large bowl of them and put them in the dehydrator. Here are Amy and Elliot helping me 🙂 A treat for them is to eat the peel as we work.

IMG_2739 IMG_2735

We decided a week ago they were ready, but I was away for the weekend, so we couldn’t harvest them. This weekend though, game on!


I pulled out all our containers, both ladders and set to work. I filled the below container in about 10 minutes.


These apples are a type of spartan we think, and are sweet, juicy, and very crispy. They are great in crumbles, pies, sauce, and just general eating.


As you can see, we ended up with a LOT of apples. Time to start handing them out!


Bus Lapse

Yesterday I had a couple errands to run and took the bus on the way home. Amy was with me since she was sick. We ended up on a double decker, upstairs in the very front seats. I decided to take a time lapse video of part of our trip.

These time lapse videos are a ton of fun.

Matheson Outing

The family went for a walk at Matheson Lake today. This was a place that Sue and I would occasionally go to with Yoshi back in the day. We haven’t taken Heart there, and I’m pretty sure we haven’t taken the kids there before.

It was a great hike and the kids did awesome. We had some good snacks for the walk and took breaks whenever they needed to. All in all a great family outing.



Sting Labour

Today was an interesting day. I worked for half the day, then in the afternoon I had planned to go on a family bike ride with Sue and the kids. I ate lunch, cleaned up a bit, then took the compost out. As I was walking to the pile (with no shoes on), I felt a sharp pain in my foot. I thought I had stepped on a thorn, but when I went to extract it, I saw a wasp.

The sting was on the underside of the big toe on my right foot, right on the joint. I swore a bit, and hobbled back into the house. I sat down and inspected the damage, but didn’t see any stinger.

Sue came back in and got me some childrens benadryl (all we had, and OMG so sickly sweet). She was on the phone to the nurses line, when I started to not feel so hot. I was wondering if it was my imagination, but it got a little worse. I mentioned to Sue that I wasn’t feeling very good. She was on hold to the nurses line, and suddenly I got very hot and light headed. I was fading quickly, so I told sue to call 911. From there I started sweating profusely, and was fighting to stay conscious.

I could hear everything happening around me, but was not able to respond without a lot of effort. I distinctly remember that I was not having any troubles with breathing. The 911 operator got me to lay on the floor, which was difficult. I was now very weak, still sweating, and still fighting to not pass out.

Then I heard the sirens. Phew. Elliot brought me a pillow, Amy watched over me, and Elliot ran outside to flag down the firefighters. I don’t know how many guys came tromping into the house (with Heart in her crate barking at them – Elliot apparently got her into her crate too), but they starting taking vitals and got me going on some oxygen.

By this point I was feeling a little better, but still weak, still sweating, and still a little light headed. The ambulance crew arrived and took over my care. They got me on a chair, checked me over (apparently my blood pressure was very low; I heard them talking 80 over something), then prepped me for a ride to the hospital. They gave me an epi shot, some more benadryl, and got an IV going while on route.

At the hospital they checked me in, and got me settled on a bed in the ER. An intern came by and took my history and informed me on what to expect. My blood pressure was taken a few more times throughout the afternoon, but for the most part I just had to lay there doing nothing.

Sue arrived and brought my phone, wallet, and some shoes. Both her and the phone were good distractions and helped pass the time. I finally sent her off when her parking time ran out. Sure enough the doctor came by soon after, finished making sure I was fine, then said I would be discharged soon. I texted Sue and she came back.

I’ve been stung a few times before, and never had a reaction. The doc pointed out that allergies can develop later, and sometimes can even disappear. They gave me a steroid to help with any symptoms tonight, and a prescription for an epi-pen (already filled). He also mentioned that they like to keep patients under observation for at least three hours post last dose of epi, in case symptoms recurr after the epi wears off. Gotta say, epi is nasty. Gave me the jitters, and a bad headache.

Sue came and picked me up, took me home, and that was my labour day. Not at all what we had planned.