Donation Uncoordinated

Since I am doing spin class on Thursdays, I thought it would be a good idea to move my blood donation to a Friday so that I could still do both. My first test of this happened this past Friday. I donated for the 77th time, and other than it taking a while to get through the process, the whole thing was pretty easy. 
Sunday however was a different story. Originally I had planned to ride to the dump, do a tour, then ride home. I evicted against that for some reason, and in retrospect I am very glad. On the trails I felt pretty bad. My heart rate would shoot up and I would easily get out of breath. It reminded me a lot of riding at altitude in Rossland actually. I felt slow and sluggish and uncoordinated. The ride was also very, very wet.

Still, I was glad to have gotten out for a ride and to get some fresh air and exercise.

Young Refreshments

Tonight I had donation 46 at Canadian Blood Services. One of the volunteers commented that I must have started donating as a young child. 🙂

Getting to the donation was pretty easy, as was making the donation. Afterwards, the stopping of the bleeding was the hard part. This had never happened to me before, but my arm did not want to stop. They iced me up, bandaged me up, and taped me down. Eventually I had stopped enough to let me head over to the refreshments.

Drink boxes? Really? What about the environment? Please let’s get back to the containers of juice.

If I keep to my schedule, I could hit 50 donations this year. 47 in June, 48 in August, 49 in October, and 50 in December.

When I got home Sprout was asking me questions about my bandages. I took the opportunity to tell him about what I do, and why I do it.

Blood 45

Just got back from my latest blood donation. Lots of people there midday which even required me to wait a little longer for the appropriate bed. I have always donated from the left arm and it has always gone fine. I am not normally a superstitious guy, but I always insist using the left to donate. It all started because I am right handed too.

Anyway, the donation was fine, and the cookies and juice tasty. Unfortunately they have moved to individual sized juice boxes. What a terrible waste to see all of the leftover rubbish. Sure they can be recycled, but that is a lot of extra processing to do.

By the way, that was donation 45.

Donation Bleeding

Tonight was donation number 43. I can’t wait to hit number 50! 7 donations, 56 days between them, means I still have a year and a bit before I hit that mark.

There Ed Bain was there donating too. Nice to see some local celebs being involved in a cause like this.

Smooth process, but for some reason my arm didn’t want to stop donating. After the bag was full, I held the gauze on my arm for the 5 minutes, but even then the hole was still bleeding a little.

Mmm, cookies. I haven’t bought Oreo’s in a very long time, but every time I donate I make sure to eat a couple.

Coincidence Speedy

Blood donation number 42 tonight. I got there at the appointed time and while I was waiting to check my finger poked, in walked one of my co-workers. Strange coincidence.

I breezed through the questions, then it was on to see the nurse. Due to my travels to New Zealand, there is now a question that I have to answer yes too. This slows down one stage of the process a little.

From the nurse I walked straight to the donation bed without any waits at all. So far pretty speedy.

I still hate when they put the needle in, and can never watch them while they do it. Once the bag starts filling though, the rest of the time flies by.

Over cookies and juice I got to talk to my co-worker. Made for a more pleasant experience. Since we both booked for next time, I might see him again in October.

Cake Donation

Mmmm, cake. There was cake after donating blood today. It was good. Their pre-donation procedures have changed a little bit due to donor feedback. Their is a new queueing system to ensure that everyone donates in the order they arrived. Kind if silly really.

I had brought a magazine to read while eating my cake and cookies, but ended up talking with another gentleman about mountain bikes, and mountain biking.

This was donation 41 for me.