Iron Cookies

Even with a busy life I make time for blood donations. One of the longest stretches I went was right after Sprout was born, and that was about 6 months long. This stretch was 2 months long, the normal minimum.

Tonight was my 34th donation. Sailed through it no problem too. The guy who did the iron test commented that the droplet sunk very quickly. Good iron levels are a good thing.

After donating, I skipped the cookies after downing a couple glasses of Iced Tea. I ended up having home made brownies and cookies. Mmmm, much better than Oreo’s and Fudgeo’s.

Letting Minutes

Wednesday I headed off to the Blood Donor clinic for my latest round of blood letting. For the first time ever (I think) I went after eating dinner, and not before. I hoped this would be a good thing.

When filling out the questions I noticed a new one about contact with monkeys. I remembered to ask about that question, and it turns out that there is some ailment you can get from handling monkeys or their waste. That was the first of many changes since I was there last. All of the changes were good too.

The donation itself went quickly (around 5 minutes), and then it was off to cookies and juice after making sure I had stopped bleeding. I was in and out in about 45 minutes.

Donation Boxes

Tonight was blood donation time again. It is funny that every once in a while I notice slight changes in their procedures. This time it was the request to fill in the answer boxes and not just check or x them. Weird. Takes a lot longer to answer the questions that way.

Beyond that everything was as smooth as normal. I stuck with my left arm again more for superstition than anything else. I’ve never had an issue donating with the left so why mess with success. I got the donation bag filled in 5 minutes too.

Screening Pressure

It was a bloody night last night. I had my 31st donation. My next one is Jan 31. It really is easy to keep going once you get in a habit of it. Plus making an appointment, and having a reminder call is awesome too.

Again, no complications at all. The screening nurse commented on my excellent blood pressure. I think I have gotten back to the point where some of the people there recognize me. Not sure why that is cool, but there are few places I can go where they know me by name.

Accomplishment Deep

Tuesday night I completed my 30th blood donation. I have a special donors card that signifies my 25th donation. Every time I take that card from my wallet, I get a renewed sense of accomplishment.

The 30th donation went smoothly. I got in at the right time too. There was a bed ready and waiting for me. By the time I was done, there was a bed lineup several people deep.

I learned something interesting in the recovery area too. One of the volunteers was telling another donor that every unit of blood you donate contains approximately 220 calories. That is another reason they want you to drink the sweet juice and eat some cookies. Don’t mind if I do.

Peckish Donation

Yesterday I rushed home form work so I could get changed, and grab the truck and head out for my blood donation. Time was a little tight, but I got there in time. As I pulled into the lot at the Canadian Blood Services I was feeling a little peckish. I went through all the screening and questions and the nures said that my blood pressure is really good (it measured at 104/60 which according to the chart on this page is optimal).

To stave off the hunger I grabbed some cookies to eat while I donated. Noone said anything, but I think I was eating them in the wrong spot of the clinic. One of the nurses talked to a couple of the volunteers, and they kept looking over at me. Oops.

The donation went well as always, and I hurried through the cookies and juice so I could get home for dinner.

One thing that struck a chord with me was one gentleman that was at the cookies was telling everyone about a bine marrow donation that he made to a young girl who was only a few months old. The girl was now 5 years old, and he was showing her picture.

It got me to thinking about stepping up to bone marrow donation as well. I will think about that one a little more. I am going to read up on that too.

Ritual Tape

Another blood donation tonight. This one kind of snuck up on me, and I had to consciously remind myself every couple hours that I had to go. Once there everything was smooth sailing like normal. I have this weird thing though. I refuse to try anything different. Similar to a baseball pitchers ritual or something. I always read the pamphlet, use the middle finger of my left hand for the iron test, and always donate from my left arm. I will wait for a bed rather than donate with my right. I am not sure why that is, but I have always done it.

The only downside was the nurse used a lengthy piece of tape to hold the bandage on my arm. I’m talking 8 inches of tape for a 1 by 2 inch piece of gauze. Crazy. I hate that tape.

Donated Cleaning

Tuesday, just 2.5 days after the race ended, I donated blood again. After the race, I was mostly feeling good, and not too sore, so I wasn’t worried about the donation. As usual everything went fine, the donation was quick, and mostly painless. This donation was the latest in the day I had ever donated, so seeing them cleaning up and shutting this down was kind of new. Number 26 is done.

Milestone Juice

I passed a nice milestone today, and I didn’t even know I was that close. Actually, I didn’t even really know I had this as a milestone.

Tonight I donated blood for the 25th time. Wahoo.

I was kind of dreading going in tonight. My back was sore, I have been really tired lately, and I was a little hungry since I hadn’t eaten yet. That all changed when I foundout it was my 25th though.

It is a fun place to go for me. Much of the staff recognizes me, so we can joke around. I can zip through most of the questions since nothing has changed, and I read fast.

Once in the chair I was feeling great. The chairs they have are extremely comfortable. Sometimes I have to remind myself to stay awake.

When the donation was all over and done I was on to the juice and cookies. Yum. Slap on my sticker, and I was on my way.

I feel really good about myself everytime I donate blood. It really is something that I enjoy doing, and I know it benefits society. There are so many charities out there right now gathering funds, and it makes me sad that I can’t donate to help out. Sox and I are working real hard on paying off our debt, so anything extra we have generally goes towards that. Besides, you never know how much of a donation to a charity goes to helping versus helping run the charity.

Blood helps anyone that needs it. It is what I do to help society.

Drained Night

the clinic?

I was left feeling a little drained the other night. Suede and I had our blood donation Weds night, and as usual it went smoothly. No complications of any sort. The one thing that is a pain now, was that since our Mexico trip, there is one question that we have to answer yes too, and not the standard no. When they see this yes answer, they have to ask a few more questions to make sure our blood is safe to use.

All in all I still enjoy giving blood. It is a (relatively) painless way to help society, and doesn’t involve an outlay of cash. On that note I have decided that I will not ever donate money to charities that cold-call me. I have donated to one in the past (lets call them CharityX), but then I noticed one time when they called that I had already donated to them recently. When I asked CharityX when my last donation was, they were able to quote me the exact date. That just sat wrong with me. It felt like they waited long enough for me to forget I already gave to them this year, then tried to hit me up again.

Back to the topic at hand. Blood donation good. Tele-solicitors bad.