Donation Period

macro shot of a lawn ornament

Tuesday was my latest blood donation. All went well as usual for me, but one guy was pretty slow. When I walked in I could see a guy on one of the beds donating. I signed in, went through the preliminary iron check, checked the answers to my 13 questions, went and talked to a nurse, had my pulse, blood pressure, and temperature taken, donated, then went to eat cookies and drink juice, all before the guy I saw when I walked in, finished his donation! For some reason his blood just wasn’t flowing as fast as it should have been.

I am closing in on 20 donations now. When you can only donate ever 56 days, that means I have been donating (fairly) regularly for close to 3 years now. I am pretty happy with that, and I hope I can keep going for a while. The only wrench in that plan is that in the next couple years I want to get a tattoo, and once I do that I have to wait a year before I can donate again. Maybe I will be able to support Canadian Blood Services some other way in that time period.

Donate blood today!