Release Guns

picture of an artillery shell display

it was a blast

Yesterday the Photo Club headed out to Fort Rodd Hill for our photo shoot. What a wicked place! There are all sorts of building, bunkers, guns, and exhibits. The picture opportunities are endless.

When we first arrived, it started to rain, and I got a little discouraged. I went into one of the structures, and by the time I came out, the rain had stopped.

I shot most of a roll on my Yashica, and lots of the pictures turned out awesome. I even did a couple “bulb” shots. The bulb setting on a camera is where as long as you hold the shutter release down, the shutter stays open. On my Yashica the longest exposure is 1 second, and anything longer than that you have to know how long the exposure should be and use the bulb setting. A couple of my “bulb” shots turned out great. I hope to scan them tonight and put them up.

Click here for the pics.