Soaking Slopes

slightly askew
Last nigt a light rain settled in. Our wonderful snow is now rapidly turning into icky slush. The slush is harder to drive in, looks awful, and just gets everything soaking wet. I much prefer the snow. If you are prepared for snow, then going out in it isn’t too bad.

A funny story about the snow. My driveway is fairly steep, and slopes down to the street. I have been backing into the driveway so that it is easy to take off in the morning. Last night was the first time I have had to back into it while the whole thing was covered in snow. I had parked there once already and it wasn’t a big deal. After picking Sue up from the SPCA I attempted the maneuver again. I backed in with a little speed, and halfway up the rear tires broke loose.

I came to a stop with my front end just off the road. No big deal, I was off the road, so that was all I really wanted. I turned off the truck, set the parking brake, released the clutch, then the brake. As soon as my foot left the brake, my truck slid out into the street!

Shocker. I started it back up again, backed into the driveway again, and like the last time, as soon as I lifted my foot from the brake, my truck slid out into the road. I ended up parking on the street in front of my house.

all better