Drained Night

the clinic?

I was left feeling a little drained the other night. Suede and I had our blood donation Weds night, and as usual it went smoothly. No complications of any sort. The one thing that is a pain now, was that since our Mexico trip, there is one question that we have to answer yes too, and not the standard no. When they see this yes answer, they have to ask a few more questions to make sure our blood is safe to use.

All in all I still enjoy giving blood. It is a (relatively) painless way to help society, and doesn’t involve an outlay of cash. On that note I have decided that I will not ever donate money to charities that cold-call me. I have donated to one in the past (lets call them CharityX), but then I noticed one time when they called that I had already donated to them recently. When I asked CharityX when my last donation was, they were able to quote me the exact date. That just sat wrong with me. It felt like they waited long enough for me to forget I already gave to them this year, then tried to hit me up again.

Back to the topic at hand. Blood donation good. Tele-solicitors bad.