Tuesday Progression

pool building

I have started swimming with Suede on Tuesday nights after she walks dogs at the SPCA. The first time was a bit difficult. I wasn’t wearing goggles, and I can’t stand water in my eyes. Breathing was difficult, swimming was very hard. Every time I went to take a breath, I would lift my head out of the water, and this would cause my feet to sink. It was still good to be out in the pool, but it was very hard work.

Last week I borrowed some goggles from Suede. Much better. I could get my face in the water and stroke much better, but I couldn’t figure out the breathing part. I would hold my breath too long, then when I needed to breath, often I would be in mid stroke on the wrong side. I would get out of breath quickly, then need to lift my head out of the water to gasp in a few breaths. Again, this slowed me down a lot, and made swimming more difficult. Suede gave me a couple pointers, and I tried them, but couldn’t get the hang of it.

Last night was another progression. Each time I lifted my left arm out of the water I took a quick breath, then exhaled through the water when I stroked with my right arm. This worked great as long as I could keep the rythm. Anytime I got out of sync things fell apart, but I could see the light. Being able to breath made swimming a lot more enjoyable! Last night I swam 350 or 400m. I still find it easy to lose track of how much I have swam.

It is interesting trying new sports, and seeing how I can pick them up. Some are easier than others, but it is usually fun to try something new. Swimming sure is a good workout though. My shoulders are a little tight and sore this morning, so I know I must have been pushing myself.