Milestone Juice

I passed a nice milestone today, and I didn’t even know I was that close. Actually, I didn’t even really know I had this as a milestone.

Tonight I donated blood for the 25th time. Wahoo.

I was kind of dreading going in tonight. My back was sore, I have been really tired lately, and I was a little hungry since I hadn’t eaten yet. That all changed when I foundout it was my 25th though.

It is a fun place to go for me. Much of the staff recognizes me, so we can joke around. I can zip through most of the questions since nothing has changed, and I read fast.

Once in the chair I was feeling great. The chairs they have are extremely comfortable. Sometimes I have to remind myself to stay awake.

When the donation was all over and done I was on to the juice and cookies. Yum. Slap on my sticker, and I was on my way.

I feel really good about myself everytime I donate blood. It really is something that I enjoy doing, and I know it benefits society. There are so many charities out there right now gathering funds, and it makes me sad that I can’t donate to help out. Sox and I are working real hard on paying off our debt, so anything extra we have generally goes towards that. Besides, you never know how much of a donation to a charity goes to helping versus helping run the charity.

Blood helps anyone that needs it. It is what I do to help society.