Colquitz Breaks

After a nice sleepin and another lazy morning we took Heart for a walk at Colquitz. This is a great place for the kids to go since they can run, walk, ride bikes, or even ride scooters there. And Heart gets a walk too.

Today was lots of fun. Amy was on her bike and Elliot was running after her. Heart mostly kept pace with the kids. Sue and I got to enjoy our coffee and tea and got to walk hand in hand for a bit. We took several breaks around the park which allowed Heart to stop and sniff everything. The sun even tried to come out. At one point Amy was down to her skort and a t-shirt. It’s November and the kids can still wear a t-shirt?

A few pics from today.

Lochside Ride

I’ve wanted to share riding with both my kids for a while now. I saw Elliot have a great time when we got him his first pedal bike and that brought lots of smiles to my face.

Today we went for a nice ride along the Lochside Trail. We find a section that was pretty flat which was important since this was Elliot’s first ride outside of our yard. Elliot did extremely well. We started before the 14 Km mark and rode past the 15 Km mark before turning around. I’m guessing we rode around 2.5 Kms.

Here we are taking a short break.

Nice form!

Having a good time.

Beautiful day for a ride.

Smiles all around.

Water break.

Here are a couple videos of Elliot in action. After we turned around we took a couple rest and water breaks on the way back to the car. Once there Elliot and Amy played on a playground for a bit before we headed to Matticks Farm for lunch and ice cream cones. Great family time.

Island Times

Last weekend we were on Saltspring Island. We stayed at a nice cottage, checked out the Ganges market, went to the beach, went for a hike, and more. It was a lot of fun, but we experienced a lack of sleep unlike anything we had felt in a long time. Both the kids were waking up multiple times in the night, and since we were all sleeping in the one room, well, we all woke up multiple times in the night.

The cottage had a nice flower garden.

The hike was pretty steep, so Amy got carried the whole way.

Snack time.

Snack time silliness.

These trees grew so close together that it almost looked like they were melded together.

Arbutus trees can be quite photogenic.

Goldstream Projected

On Saturday we headed out to Goldstream park for a walk. That park is always so lush and green, and with all the rain we have had lately, the park seemed extra wet too.

The kids had a fun time and the picnic lunch was well received. We stopped by the nature house and explored around inside. Elliot liked using the microscope that projected up onto a TV.

I had fun taking a few pictures along the way. All the pics are available here.

Purple Slippery

Today the fam headed off to the Purple Hay park (Elliot likes to name parks on his own, and this is the name he and I came up with). It was cold this morning, around 4 or 5 degrees, so we all bundled up.

This is all of us having a snack after playing for a bit.

The kids played on the swing, ran around, and went down the slide countless times. Amy was wearing fleece overalls which were pretty slippery on the twisting slide. Half the times she came down she got turned around backwards which caused all sorts of giggles.

At first neither of the kids had gloves on. When Amy got off the swing, I was alarmed at how purple her hands were, so I insisted she start wearing gloves. No fight there, and Elliot even wanted his on too.

Fun Playing

Some family fun at Bamfield Park this morning. Yesterday was a very wet and rainy day so we never really got outside for anything. Today it was sunny out, not cold, and pretty much a perfect fall day.

We spent a considerable amount of time at this park, and the kids had a great time playing, climbing, sliding, throwing leaves, chasing each other, watching the ocean, and talking to other park go’ers.

For a break we headed to a nearby cafe. We got some coffee’s for Sox and I, and a hot chocolate for Sprout. Something happened that caused Sprout to have an outburst. Sox got him settled then waited outside for the drinks. A moment later a couple at the next table who were talking had a slight pause, and the lady said to her companion, “Sorry, I was distracted by the tantruming child.”

I almost started laughing. The one outburst was not a tantrum. I considered saying something like “if you think that was a tantrum then you are in for a shocker when you experience a real one”. It was pretty funny. She came off as a snobby mid 20’s college girl who hasn’t spent any time around kids. On to the pics.