Climbing Minutes

Yesterday I took the kids to Highrock Park to go “rock climbing”. This just means letting them scramble over any rocks they want to, but it really is an easy way to convince them to go up to the park. The goal was to get Heart out for some exercise.

We had a good time up there, and I think I got some nice pictures. Of course while I was taking pictures and watching the kids, Heart disappeared on me. I soon learned she had made her way down to the field where other dog owners congregate and retrieve.

After collecting Heart we started making our way back home. Once we got out of the park, the rain started and poured for a few minutes. Good timing!

Colquitz Breaks

After a nice sleepin and another lazy morning we took Heart for a walk at Colquitz. This is a great place for the kids to go since they can run, walk, ride bikes, or even ride scooters there. And Heart gets a walk too.

Today was lots of fun. Amy was on her bike and Elliot was running after her. Heart mostly kept pace with the kids. Sue and I got to enjoy our coffee and tea and got to walk hand in hand for a bit. We took several breaks around the park which allowed Heart to stop and sniff everything. The sun even tried to come out. At one point Amy was down to her skort and a t-shirt. It’s November and the kids can still wear a t-shirt?

A few pics from today.

Plan Solo

I took last week off to look after the kids. We also had Elliot signed up for Pedalheads so the plan was for Amy and I to take Elliot to Pedalheads, drop him off then find something to do for a couple hours.

On the Monday Elliot went off with his class and Amy and I hung around playing on the playground. After an hour of this she mentioned something about her wanting to do Pedalheads too. After checking with Sue, I then asked the instructors if they had room for Ames. Turned out they did! She got into a class as well.

Elliot did very well with his lessons and I certainly see a difference in his riding. He is definitely more confident, can ride in a straight line better, and has nailed his hand signals.

Amy learned to ride with no training wheels. By Wednesday Amy was riding solo after getting help going. By Friday she was flying solo, even starting by herself.

Great progress by both of them.

Amy riding

Amy riding some more

Amy and Elliot cooling off

Amy starting by herself

Elliot roaring around by himself