Coffee Connection

a robbin's egg in the grass

Mmmm, coffee. This morning after dropping Sue off at work I headed to a new coffee shop close to home. It is called Buon Amici’s (there website appears to be down at this time). Excellent coffee, yummy muffins, good service, a great atmosphere, and (apparently) free wireless internet connection. They also have a couple internet terminals set up, but I am not sure if they charge for their use or not.

I sat in the shop, in the corner in a comfy leather chair. I sipped my coffee, ate my muffin, and read my book (more on the book later). It was a very enjoyable experience too, one that I would like to repeat some day. Unfortunately for me, my days off are dwindling, so I must make the best of what is left. Somehow I find it easier to concentrate on my reading there than I do at home. In all I was there around a couple hours, and I got a lot of reading done (in amongst the people watching).