Scummiest Eagle

Yoshi carrying a big stick

Ahh, another beautiful walk today with Yoshi. Again we went to Macaulay Point park. Yoshi never tires of the place, and frankly neither do I. There are always nice people about, and most of the dogs that frequent the park are quite nice too. Today was busier than normal, but the odd thing was that noone had a dog with them 😕

Yoshi carrying a big stick

Yoshi and I had fun anyway. The tide was out quite a ways, so we didn’t do any retrieving in the water.

Yoshi wading in the ocean

It was pretty warm there and with no breeze, Yoshi got a little warm. Of course he picked the scummiest water to wade into. Silly guy.

Yoshi overlooking the ocean

I forgot to mention that during yesterdays walk with Y, I heard a crow making an awful racket, and when I looked up, I saw the crow was chasing a Bald Eagle. The crow was chasing it away, and would dive bomb the Eagle. I saw the crow bounce of the back of the Eagle twice. It was quite strange.

Later, after Yoshi and I got to Saxe Point park, I saw a lady staring up into a tree, and at first I just thought it was weird. When I got close she pointed out the female Eagle way up in the tree, beside her nest! Wow! I only had my digital camera with me, and since she was so high up in the tree, I wasn’t able to get any good shots. It was pretty cool to just stand there and watch her though.