Fun Playing

Some family fun at Bamfield Park this morning. Yesterday was a very wet and rainy day so we never really got outside for anything. Today it was sunny out, not cold, and pretty much a perfect fall day.

We spent a considerable amount of time at this park, and the kids had a great time playing, climbing, sliding, throwing leaves, chasing each other, watching the ocean, and talking to other park go’ers.

For a break we headed to a nearby cafe. We got some coffee’s for Sox and I, and a hot chocolate for Sprout. Something happened that caused Sprout to have an outburst. Sox got him settled then waited outside for the drinks. A moment later a couple at the next table who were talking had a slight pause, and the lady said to her companion, “Sorry, I was distracted by the tantruming child.”

I almost started laughing. The one outburst was not a tantrum. I considered saying something like “if you think that was a tantrum then you are in for a shocker when you experience a real one”. It was pretty funny. She came off as a snobby mid 20’s college girl who hasn’t spent any time around kids. On to the pics.