Action Riders

The day after the Tour de Victoria was the Bastion Square Grand Prix. Since the kids were still up in Nanaimo, Sue and I headed downtown to watch some of the action before we headed up to retrieve our kids.

When we arrived we caught the end of the pro women’s race. Amazing how fast they can go. When the roads are dry that is. On crash corner (Yates and Wharf) they lean their bikes over so much. After riding a road bike for a while now, I know that being able to lean a bike that much is a rush.

An interview with the womens winner.

The champagne toast!

Then the cat 1 men were up. Wow, I though the women were fast. The men were just that much faster. Right from the start they were amazing to watch. So tightly packed, yet no accidents.

This show could have been so amazing if there were a few more cyclists in the shot. The airplane, the harbour ferry, the water, the crowd. All that is missing is some riders.