Figured Chewing

Hearty, Hearty, Hearty. What are we going to do with you? Just when we think we have her figured out, she throws a curveball. We know that Heart will chew on things if we don’t clean up properly, yet sometimes she gets into things that we don’t expect. The other day it was some Kleenex’s. Today some plastic bags and a bottle of sunscreen (she didn’t get into he sunscreen itself, just chewed the bottle).

The other day though, she outdid herself. Sue and the kids were outside playing. I was inside making dinner. Elliot had been playing with Heart and the chuckit was laying on the ground. A couple moments later I looked out and saw Heart chewing on a blue ball. It dawned on me that she was chewing her chuckit. I yelled, but she only looked at me, then resumed. I ran out there and she droped it, but the damage was done. A few chews had ruined the part of the chuckit that hold the ball. Damn. I think she thought that it was another ball to play with.

Now we need to buy another one.