Component Eagle

Sue, the kids, and I took a walk on the beach by my Mom’s place yesterday. The waves were starting to pick up and the wind was gusting, but there was no rain. A key component to keeping the kids interested in continuing. Beaches are a great place to explore and we did find a lot of interesting things.

The start of our walk was the announcement from the eagle at the top of a very tall tree. It was one of the few times recently where I wished I had my DSLR instead of my phone, but I was still a very impressive sight.

Park Fog

We were in Nanaimo over Christmas, and we took the kids to a playground at Beban park (awesome playground by the way). Yoshi needed a spin so he and I walked through the trails at the adjacent wooded area (a participaction park).

We walked a ways, but I started to get cold so we headed back. Along the way I was struck with how the fog looked through the trees. Of course these cell camera pics don’t do it any justice, and if I had my real camera it would have looked totally awesome and spooky 🙂 Still, you get the idea.