Project Shelf

One of my weekend projects that has been in my list for a while is to do something to clean up my desk surface. The monitor rider got it to the right height, but takes up a lot of surface area. 

My plan was to make a corner shelf for the monitor. I’ve done a few household woodwork projects and although they are fun, I need more experience, and maybe some different tools, to have the turn perfect like I envision them. 

This shelf though came together pretty well. It only took me a couple hours to mock up the size with cardboard, cut the wood, assemble it, and move everything over to it. Not bad really. 

Here is my desk before:


And here is the after picture.

That gives me a lot more room, and allows me to organize a lot better. Nice!


Weekend List

Another busy weekend gone, and I am tired, sitting on the couch thinking I should head to bed. First though, a blog post. Friday night I went out to a friends birthday parts at the Guild. Lots of fun, good drinks, lots of people I know, and great music.


Saturday I put up some shelving in Elliot’s room. This is something that has been on my list to do for a while now, and it felt good to get it crossed off.

After doing a bit of running around looking for bike rack supplies (more on that in a bit), Elliot and I went for a little ride at the dump. This was only the second time I had ever taken him there, so he was understandably tentative. He was getting off his bike at one point, slipped, and banged his knee on a rock, hard enough to draw blood. He continued on like a trooper though.

Saturday night was dinner at a friends place.


Sunday morning I was out for a long ride.


Sunday afternoon I set out to build a new bike rack. I saw some instructions on Lifehacker a while ago, and I wanted to build one. One run to Home Depot, a bit of mental figuring out, and voila! It works pretty sweet. For my road bike. It is too low for my mountain bike, but one I raise everything up three inches it will be perfect. Not bad for a weekend project.

I even had a helper for part of my project.

Caulk Clean

The other bits of today included some more house work. In the master bedroom I hung three more wall decorations, then I got to tackle a project in the bathroom that has been necessary for the past few weeks.

The caulk around the tub was in dire need of replacing. It was cracked a peeling in a few places, and very mildewed in a few more. It was looking extremely gross.

Last weekend at Home Depot I got all the stuff I needed, except time for the project. Hard to buy time for projects really. This morning I scraped off as much of the old caulk as I could, then slapped on some Silicone B Gone to clean up the rest. After getting back from getting our pumpkins I cleaned off the remaining caulk and caulk stripper.

After dinner tonight I was able to get in there an apply the new caulk. Sounds like a simple thing to do, and watching others do it sure looks easy, but I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how much to put on, nor did I know how to properly apply it. A quick google search and I had a few tips to use (like fill the tub first), and a few to not follow due to lack of supplies (masking tape for clean edges).

I managed to make a bit of a mess, but I got the tub re-caulked. Not as cleanly as I would like since I used waaaaay too much caulk and had to take a lot off. It looks way better without the mildew and yellow caulk though. Now we just have to let it dry/set/cure.