Apples Weekend

Last year our apple tree produced 12 apples. We were very disappointed. Every other year we had a huge crop and always managed to dehydrate, freeze, turn into apple sauce, eat, and share a lot of apples.  We hoped the tree wasn’t on it’s last legs, but this year it was back to normal!


IMG_3458 IMG_3459

The last few weeks we have been picking a few apples here and there to test their ripeness. One evening the kids and I cored and peeled a large bowl of them and put them in the dehydrator. Here are Amy and Elliot helping me 🙂 A treat for them is to eat the peel as we work.

IMG_2739 IMG_2735

We decided a week ago they were ready, but I was away for the weekend, so we couldn’t harvest them. This weekend though, game on!


I pulled out all our containers, both ladders and set to work. I filled the below container in about 10 minutes.


These apples are a type of spartan we think, and are sweet, juicy, and very crispy. They are great in crumbles, pies, sauce, and just general eating.


As you can see, we ended up with a LOT of apples. Time to start handing them out!


Apples Away

I picked a bunch of apples last weekend. They are ripe, and very tasty. But very small. As in, lots of them aren’t worth the effort to eat them. I figure I picked over 100 pounds of apples, and I couldn’t even reach the highest branch which is stuffed still. I hope to get to those this weekend though.

What do you do with so many apples? Well, in the past we have made apples sauce, and frozen some of them. Since we still have a few jars of sauce, we’re going to skip that this year. Instead I’m going to dehydrate some apple slices and see how that works out. We’ve also given a whole bunch away.