Slipping Pumpkins

What a weekend. Sox and I had sent the kids up to my mom’s house for the weekend, since we were planning on going to Oktoberfest.

With no kids, Sox and I went out for a very nice sushi dinner and Sen Zushi. Yum.

Saturday, I did some errands, then Sox and I went for a bike ride together on the goose. The fall colors were amazing, but I was always a little concerned about slipping out on the leaves. We rode out to Langford, then back again. Simple ride. On the way back we stopped at the new Cecelia Ravine Bike Park. Great facility for kids and adults alike. After cleaning up from our ride, I worked a little while Sox napped.

Saturday night we went down to the Edelweiss Club for the final weekend of Oktoberfest. We had a great time with a bunch of our friends, drank lots of (expensive) beer, danced a bunch, and generally just enjoyed the night thanks to the S-Bahn. The downside was that we had a hard time getting home due to Halloween weekend. We called a cab around midnight, waited an hour and nothing showed up. Thanks to one of the employees at the Edelweiss, we got a ride to downtown. T&L managed to jump on a bus to get home, but Sox and I waited a bit for a taxi. Nothing. We then decided to walk. Along the way we passed the Mexican Food truck, so we stopped in for some tacos. Yum! Walking across the bridge we saw a taxi returning to downtown. We flagged for it, then ran toward it. We also saw another couple running towards us, after they had flagged it down. Turned out they were heading to the base, so we shared the cab, and got out at the boat park. It took us 2 hours to get home.

Sunday, after getting the kids home, we got ready for Halloween. I finished decorating, we carved the pumpkins, and E and I made his costume. He wanted to be a present for Halloween, so I got a box, and we cut some arm holes, and a hole for his head. He then made the wrapping paper for it. The finishing touch was a ribbon painted on his forehead. Amy dressed up as a lion.

Design Halloween

Yesterday my son Sprout helped me carve our Jack O Lanterns. Well, I did the carving. He helped me clean out one of the pumpkins while I did the rest. He also helped design the first one. By design I mean I showed him a website with some stencils and he chose one I could actually carve.

Anyway, here are the Jack O Lanterns that were outside our house for Halloween. The first one was Sprouts chosen design.

I’m very happy with how they all turned out.

I also have to say that Halloween in our neighbourhood was pretty lame. Sox and I figured we would have lots of kids coming by so when we were at Costco the other week we picked up 2 150 count boxes of candy. We had about 15 kids come by. They each got a big handful which was about 6 pieces each, meaning we still have 2/3 of what we bought. Woops.