Pumpkins Throw

Yesterday I saw some Thrifty’s ads about smashing pumpkins for composting. I could imagine a huge dumpster and people tossing pumpkins in to see them smash.

It sounded like fun, so I did something similar for our pumpkins. We always compost them, but I always have to break them up. This year I let the kids throw them out Elliot’s window to smash them.

It was fun and I can imagine the requests to do it again next year.

Tractor Pumpkin

This morning we drove out to Galey Farm to get our pumpkins. It was a little colder than we were expecting, but we dressed the kids appropriately. Gloves would have been a good idea all around.

The kids enjoyed the tractor ride.

All of us wandered around the pumpkins checking things out.

Sprout found the perfect pumpkin, and here he is showing it off.

Family picture time!

Some partially artsy shots. I am very much out of practice with photography. I know there were lots of photographic opportunities there, but I could not capture anything I felt I liked.