Matheson Outing

The family went for a walk at Matheson Lake today. This was a place that Sue and I would occasionally go to with Yoshi back in the day. We haven’t taken Heart there, and I’m pretty sure we haven’t taken the kids there before.

It was a great hike and the kids did awesome. We had some good snacks for the walk and took breaks whenever they needed to. All in all a great family outing.



Hilly Breathtaking

Saturday was a gorgeous day. We decided to take the kids for a hike at Thetis Lake. Once there we gave them the choice of the hike with a nice viewpoint and lots of hills, or around the lower lake. Surprisingly they took the hilly route.

Must say that it was a great time for all of us, including Heart. The kids did great on the walk, even though we were out there for close to two hours. At one point we were up high looking out over the lake and Elliot says in a hushed voice that the view was “breathtaking”. 🙂

Elk Air

Sunday I took the kids and Heart out to Elk Lake for a walk. Heart needed some exercise really badly and this seemed like a great way for her to get some. It turned out to be a great walk. The kids and I had a lot of fun, Heart ran around lots and played with some other dogs, and I got some fresh air. We walked over 3kms too. Elliot walked the entire way, and Amy walked most of the way (I carried her for three short stints).