Coffee Neglected

Recently I began to really examine my coffee cup use. Something I’ve struggled with is a reusable cup that still allows the coffee to taste good. I managed to find one that I love, and in 2020 I’ve been using it pretty regularly (I don’t think I’ve used a disposable cup in a couple months).

Yesterday I walked into a Starbucks (it was a last resort), and ordered my Americano and plunked down my cup. I ordered Sue’s drink and while I was doing this, the barista came over to see the order and got started. She neglected to take my cup, but the till clerk handed it over. I then watched as the barista had pulled the shots into a disposable cup, then proceeded to dump that into my cup. Then crush the now used cup.

sigh I tried.

KeepCup Heat

A few weeks ago I bought a KeepCup. I had recently cleaned out a stack of to go cups from my home office and was not happy with myself. A reusable cup was long overdue (I actually had an old one, but it was horribly stained and affected the tast of coffee).

I did some research online and decided on the single wall cork version (the double wall was way too expensive). I shopped on Amazon for a bit, but ended up finding the one I wanted at Pilgrim Coffee House in Colwood.

I love the looks of it, and that fact that I am using way less paper cups. I’ve also found that the drinking coffee from the cup, with or without the lid does not alter the taste at all. My big gripe with the cup (and this would apply to every single one in their inventory) is that their band is too skinny. The single wall glass transmits a lot of heat, so the band becomes very important. The skinny band is not wide enough to allow enough fingers on it to grip the cup and drink from it.

The workaround is to wait a couple minutes for the heat to dissipate and the coffee to come to a more tolerable temp. I also recently started a new job at an office, so now I feel like I need a second one to keep there in addition to a home one. Sadly, at over $30 each, this won’t happen any time soon.