Anniversary Plans

2 days ago was our anniversary. We realized earlier in the year that it was our 15th and we decided at the time to do something interesting since we normally don’t do too much to celebrate. It turned out there was a concert in town by our favourite artist, so it was settled. Dinner, concert, and a hotel for the night.

Then COVID changed our plans. As the day approached, we didn’t really make new plans and sort of decided to not really do much other than make a nice  dinner.

Then the kids latched on to an idea. Amy lead the charge, and designed a menu for the day and declared that her and Elliot would make all of our meals for the day. What sweet kids. Breakfast was yummy, lunch was really good, but dinner was tops. They setup a table for two, created a menu complete with three courses, lit candles, served us, and cleared after us. The kids ate in the kitchen while Sue and I ate in the dining room. We even got dressed up for the occasion.

My heart was bursting with love from these two. They certainly didn’t have to do any of this, but the fact that they wanted to do something for our anniversary was very special. In fact, this was one of the best anniversaries that I can remember.