Folding Wrestlers

After leaving the bike race early I met up with Jim. We were heading over to catch the WWE wrestling show. Yeah baby! Jims friend snagged us 6th row floor seats.

We found Jims friends in line, and were heading in when I got stopped. The guy wanted to see what I had in my bag, so I opened it. He took one look at my camera and said “You can’t bring that in here.”

My heart sank. I asked why. “Because we consider that a professional camera.”

I was too chicken shit to try sneaking it through another line, so I ran back to the truck, and hid it there.

Getting back in line I was steamed. Everyone else was already inside when I was stopped, so I just had to wait. Grrr. :grr:

When I finally got it, Jim met me, and we headed down to our seat. Woah. Great seats. We were about 30 feet from the ring. Other woah. The ring looked a lot smaller in real life than it does on TV.

The show started right at 3pm. I must admit I wasn’t sure what the show would entail. Seeing it on TV is one thing, but seeing it live, surrounded by lots of screaming fans is something else. And screaming fans there were lots of. The best dressed award goes to the guy dressed as the Ultimate Warrior (albeit with much smaller muscles). Hilarious.

Another highlight went to the seating arrangements. The floor seats were nothing but small folding chairs zip-tied together. I am not a big guy, and most of the guys in our group weren’t either, but each of us was sitting hip to hip with one another. We watched a large woman occupying two seats two rows in front of us. Trouble soon found her as another large woman was supposed to occupy the seat beside her. Not very comfortable for anyone.

To really piss me off, some guy a couple rows ahead of us had a very similar camera to mine. His even had a battery grip, and a longish lens too. More grr.

Anyway, the show was a lot of fun. The first match wasn’t all that great, but then they had a Divas match. Surprisingly this turned out to be quite entertaining. The moves that the ladies were throwing were quite spectacular. Remember how I said that the ring looked smaller in real life? Well, the womens breasts looked a lot larger in real life.

Then some of the guy wrestlers came out. Holy crap! Huge is an understatement when it comes to describing the muscles on the wrestlers.

Some of the wrestlers we saw

It was pretty cool to see live some of the moves done on TV. The body slams, the throws, the DDT’s, etc. Didn’t get to see Triple H throw down a pedigree though.

In the Shelton vs Christian match, Shelton was the good guy, and Christian (canadian) the heel. The crowd threw the whole match off by cheering for the wrong person, and by heckling Shelton. It was quite funny to watch how the wrestlers handled it, and played up the crowd.

The topper on the whole spectacle was just after Triple H and Batista finished their match (Batista won), some guy from the crowd jumped the rail, and jumped into the ring. As he was jumping for joy with arms raised, the ref got a running start and tackled the guy from behind. ouch! It looked like it would have hurt a lot. The ref shoved the guy out of the ring, and he was pounced on by security. A couple police officers were right there too, and so was Triple H. Triple H was trying hard to get a piece of the crasher, but security managed to keep him away.

In all it was over 3.5 hours of entertainment. Pretty reasonable for $55. Plus, as a bonus, we got to see some of the finest rednecks available in the Victoria area!