Sizeable Work

the pain of racing

Yesterday was an eventful day. After lazing a bit in the morning, I headed out to do the grocery shopping for the week. Once that was complete, and after a little house tidying, I was off to watch the Bastion Square Grand Prix. The men started at 1, but I never got downtown until 1:30 or so.

When I arrived it was obvious that one guy had broken away from the pack, and was holding a sizeable lead. Slowly the main pack closed in on him, and caught him. There was one team that was pretty sizeable too. I think there was at least 6 riders, if not 7 on that team. I ran into Duncan and Todd, and talked with them for a bit. Todd mentioned that if I had the right pass, he could have taken me out. Before I knew it, Todd had to go work at one point, so I tried to get a few action shots of him.

Pics are here.