Transition Dismount

fast like the wind

Today there was another triathlon, the Tri of Compassion. Sox has done this race many times, under its different names. When the alarm went off at 5:30, I began to question if these races were really necessary. We got ready, and headed to the course, but were a little late in meeting up with KaptainK. Oh, no pictures from the event since I was part of it. I was on a team with KaptainK and JJ (I did the bike leg). Team muddylaces. Wonder where that name came from eh?

The race organization was a bit of a gong show. When I arrived, I couldn’t find the rack I was supposed to put my bike in, and the volunteers I asked had no idea since htey just go there a bit of walking around, and I found that the racks were numbered, but the numbers were only on one side. Since I came in from the wrong direction, I couldn’t see the numbers.

I realized I had forgotten JJ’s number for the run, so thankfully Sox was able to zip home and get it for me. Meeitng up with K and JJ, we got hting sfigured out, and got body marked. The race meeting was supposed to be next, bu I couldn’t find my way in there. The lady at the front desk said it was through the mens changing area, but when I went to find it, I got lost. I knew it was through the showers, but I there was only one door there that said the steam room was closed. One other competitor told me it was actually through that door, but that I probably shouldn’t go that way with my bike shoes on. Making my way back to the front desk the lady said I should just use the door the swimmers run out of. When I got there I was blocked by a volunteer saying she wouldn’t let me through unless I took my shoes off. I wasn’t about to take my shoes and socks off and get my feet wet ride before my ride, so we were at an impasse. Next time I hope the organizers hold the prerace meeting in a location that all team members can access. That was very frustrating, and I got a little snippy with the volunteer. I am sorry about that. It really wasn’t with her, since I am sure she was just doing her job.

JJ and K gave the low down on the meeting, and in retrospect I didn’t really need to be there. Weird.

I made my way back to transition, only to find that my bike was sandwiched between two others. Since I had no equipment on the ground, the other competitors left me no space to get my bike in and out of the rack. While K swam, I waited in transition. Very specific rules in transition. I couldn’t unrack my bike, unless my helmet was fully fastened. I couldn’t unrack my bike until after K and I had tagged off. After my ride I had to fully rack my bike before I could tag off.

I saw K round the corner after her swim, so I mentally prepared myself. Tag then unrack. Run, but not too fast. K passed a few people while running down the hill, and the announcer said “and the first woman out of hte swim is … K”. Haha, she wasn’t actually the first woman out of the swim, but she was the first down the hill. Tag, I was it. I grabbed my bike, and took off. I got to the road was told I could mount, I jumped on and took a couple pedal strokes. I then went to clip in, and discovered my shoes were clogged with grass. I smacked my pedals a couple times to fre the grass, got clipped in, and started to power away. I realized I was pushing a little too hard for the beginning of the race, so I settled down a bit. Turning onto Esquimalt Ave I had a long straightaway.

While fully up to speed I caught a bus that was at the side of the road letting people off. When I got close he turned his signal on and pulled out. I had to hit the brakes and downshift to avoid hitting him. Shaking that off I spun up to my previous speed and kept going. It was a fun bike course, and I passed lots of people. I felt a little bad since I was passing them with quite a difference in speed. I wanted to tell them that I was part of a team, but I couldn’t get the words out. As I passed the lap marker Sox and Lisa were there cheering for me. I was working hard, and didn’t want to break concentration too much, but it was appreciated. Finishing lap one I felt good. I was breathing hard, but I wasn’t out of breath. I felt strong, so I kept pushing.

On lap two I passed more people, but I had a bit of a surprise. Ahead of me on Gore street was a large tanker truck. Thankfully he turned left off the course before I got to him. At I made the turn at the base I could hear a whine approaching me from behind. I knew Todd was working the race as a marshal carrier, and sure enough it was him. He sailed past me at the crest of a hill while I was standing on the pedals giving a good effort. Lap two finished without issue, so I was on to my thrid and final lap.

I could feel myself slowing down a little. I checked my pace, and it was certainly slower than the first two laps, so I chided myself and sped up. The third lap I wanted to be my fastest. I thanked each of the many volunteers as I went past them, but I kept up my pace. Down Head street, on the biggest hill, I spun out my top gear. I got up to 58 KM/H down there. Past our house for the third time, back towards the base for the last time. While I was cresting the second to last hill, someone started to pass me on my left. I hadn’t intended this, but when the hill turned downward, I continued my pace, and geared up. I dropped them, and felt a little bad about it. I glanced behind me, saw they were a good distance back, so I moved over so I could turn back into the base.

The last hill I sped down knowing I was almost done. I clipped out, rested my feet on the pedals, and saw the marshals and aimed for them. They were frantically waving for me to slow down. D was there point to the (imaginary) dismount line. I think I gave the marshalls alittle scare since I came in so fast. I stopped easily though, jumped off, lifted my bike over the curb, and jogged to my spot in the rack. Jogging felt weird after riding like I had. Racking my bike I turned, tagged JJ and he was off.

I was out of breath at this point, and feeling the strain of a hard ride. I grabbed my water and walked it off. A couple people mentioned that my ride time was pretty fast, but I still am not sure how I did with that.

JJ was fast on the run though. His 5KM run, which is very hilly, took 21 minutes. Overall our time was 1:12 and we held the fastest time for a bit. There was some confusion on the announcer as JJ crossed the line though. K had signed up our team, so our team number had her name beside it. He was confused seeing JJ cross the line and reading K’s name. My ride time on my bike computer said 41 minutes 8 seconds, an average speed of 27.9 KM/H, max speed 58 KM/H, and a distance of 19.16 KM’s. I am pretty happy with my ride. I don’t think I could have pushed any harder than I did. It was pretty fun too, but I really can’t imagine having to do a run after that ride. Yeuck. I will stick with biking only thankyouverymuch. 🙂