Programming Jersey

weird, just plain weird

Just got a very strange phone call. I am working from home this afternoon, and when the phone rang, my first thought was “telemarketer”.

After I answered, I heard a bad echo which was myself saying hello. Weird.

The guy asked for me by name, then introduced himself. He asked how I was doing. My telemarketer sense was tingling, so I quickly said that I was actually quite busy. He immediately asked if there was a better time for him to call. So far I knew his name, but not who he worked for, nor why he was calling me. I asked him what this was regarding, and he said he worked for some company (can’t remember right now), and that he wanted to form a partnership with me.

I told him I wasn’t interested in a partnership.

“You woudln’t be interested in $10/ programming hour” he asked.

Incredulously I said “No, I make more than that now.”, and hung up on him.

A couple minutes later I thought that I should get the caller ID just in case they call again. Very weird. *69 gave me 908-737-7426

A reverse lookup didn’t give me much, other than it is a New Jersey number.

Maybe this is some guy trying to outsource his work?