Conflicts Handler

Tonights game was an early one which suited me just fine. I needed to work this evening, so the early game meant I could eat some dinner then get some stuff done.

One thing about my team is that several people are on multiple teams (some are on 3 teams). This means that sometimes they can’t play for our team due to schedule conflicts.

Tonight we had 4 players show up, but one of them played for a different team the he was also on. We lost by default which sucks. I am the kind of person that likes commitment. I committed my Thursday nights to the team, and I kind of expected everyone else on the team to be as committed.

Anyway, we ended up snagging a couple people from the other team and playing a 6 on 6 game for a while. We got creamed. The other team had 4 really strong players, and a couple other good players. We didn’t play well, made lots of mistakes on defence, and definitely deserved the loss.

I still sort of had fun though. I really needed to get out and run to blow off some steam, and I accomplished that tonight. Handling-wise I wasn’t all that hot if I was a dedicated handler. If I was a mid or a winger then my throws were fine, but as a handler I threw it away a lot. Weird.

I did have a couple good throws though. The first I was going to hammer to one of the guys in the end zone. I faked a hammer to him, and the defense noticed this and converged on him. I hesitated, looked around, and saw one of our ladies in the end zone all alone. My check was on me pretty good, so my only option was a hammer. It was a perfect throw, and she made a great catch. I felt good about that play.

Another situation where we were aiming for the endzone I looked up and saw two ladies in the endzone not really being checked. I hammered to the further one, but the closer lady tried to catch it. Meanwhile the defense caught up to the play. The closer lady actually had the disk skip through her hands, the defense swiped at it, but barely tipped it, and the further lady actually caught it. I felt lucky for that play.

After the game I felt like I had done a good workout. My legs still feel a little drained.