Wiggly Clinking

It finally happened! The last wiggly tooth came out yesterday. I was out riding my bike getting the brakes setup when it happened. I was only gone about 20 minutes or so, and when I came back Elliot was eager for me to look at him. I was a little confused at first, then I saw the tooth was missing!

The story goes like this: Elliot was eating a hard boiled egg. He bit into it and felt a pain in his mouth. When he said ‘ow!’ he heard a clinking sound on the floor. He quickly realized it was his tooth and then found it on the floor.

Centre Toonie

So far Elliot has lost three teeth. His two middle bottom teeth, and one middle top tooth. The other middle top tooth is ready to come out, but is still hanging in there. The interesting part is how far the tooth has moved to the centre of his mouth.

He’s starting to look like a pro hockey player with all those gaps.

I have to admit that the tooth is bugging me. So much so that I really, really want to pull it out. I even offered Elliot a toonie to let me try. After a bit of convincing, he actually took me up on the offer. The tooth remains, and he got his $2. Darn.